If you do not have a measuring tape, place a piece of string around your wrist and then measure the string's length with a regular ruler.

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It Is All About The Size - Your bracelet should hang between your hand and your wrist bone, which is the most attractive position. The more you add to your wrist size the more your bracelet will hang lower towards your hand. 

Women's Standard Bracelet Sizes - Most women feel comfortable wearing a bracelet that is 7in to 7.5 inches (17.78cm - 19.05cm) in length, which is the standard length. 

  • Extra Small - 6.5 in/16.51cm
  • Small - 7in/17.78cm (Average Woman's Wrist Size)
  • Medium - 7.5in/19.05cm
  • Large - 8in/20.32cm
  • Extra Large - 8.5in/21.59cm

 Men's Standard Bracelet Sizes - Men's bracelets are longer at 7.5in to 9inches (19.05cm -22.86cm) in length. An 8in bracelet is the most common length for men. 

  • Extra Small 7.5in/17.78cm
  • Small - 8in/20.32cm (Average Man's Wrist Size)
  • Medium - 8.5/21.59cm
  • Large - 9in/22.86cm